Free FTP Site
Are you looking for a reliable and free FTP site? Here I will share some of the best free FTP websites that I can find to make it easier for others to find these great FTP hosting sites. I will add more free FTP providers as I find them.

Just in case you did not know how reasonably priced web hosting can be, you can Buy Web Hosting for less than $4.


We recommend that our users try out HOT FILE for their hosting needs. Hot File provides free one-click file hosting so you can share big files easily and securely. Just choose a file, click the “Upload” button and send the download link to your friends and anyone you know. Not only can you store and share your files online, but you can make money in the process.

File Serve

We recommend that you stay away from FileServe. They recently skipped paying a lot of their users.
With fileserve you can store and share files online for free. FileServe’s file sharing service lets you upload movies, upload music, store documents, images, presentations, zip files and much more. Any file in any file format can be uploaded for free to FileServe. The file size supported for each file you upload can be up to 2 GB. There is no limit to how many files you can upload and how many times each file can be downloaded.


Uploading can be used for different purposes:

As a secure remote storage capacity for important data backups. One that is available online from any country in the world.
As a tool to send files to one or several recipients that requires much less traffic resources and provides more reliability and security than regular e-mail attachments.
As a way to quickly and safely share files with your friends and colleagues.
As a way to earn money. They encourage distributors of popular and in-demand files (who don’t infringe copyrights and other laws) to use our service and earn money.

Sharing Matrix

Sharing Matrix lets you create a free hosting account so you can easily manage and share all of the files and images you upload to Sharing Matrix at any time from any computer just by logging in to your account. If you don’t create a free account, you will only be able to upload and delete files. We highly recommend creating a free account so you’ll always be able to manage and share your files and images at any time, regardless of which computer you’re using.

    We no longer recommend Sharing Matrix to our visitors.